Remote First Aid in Your community

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Red Cross Wilderness & Remote First Aid is designed and recommended for anyone who lives in a rural or remote area.  That means, if your community only has on-call ambulance station, or if you are 20 minutes or more from the nearest ambulance station, one of our WRFA courses might be what you need to keep yourself and your family safe. 

If you think a remote first aid course could benefit your community, then get the ball rolling by filling out the form below, or calling (778) 888-5684.  We would love to work with you, and we love travel!

Here are some ways that WRFA courses might be right for your community:

  • Judgement: You will learn to assess patients properly to identify - and differentiate between - most likely causes of their pain or discomfort.

  • Decision-Making: A focus on informed decision-making encourages you to apply your own judgement to determine the best path to good outcomes, rather than just repeat the same techniques over and over.

  • Outcome-Focused Training: Low-resource and alternative-resource treatment options means that you shouldn't ever feel like you can't help someone because you don't have the right bandage.

  • Extended Care: A strong emphasis on extended care helps you anticipate how a medical emergency might progress, and prepares you to provide the best care for your patient over the long term, if necessary.

  • Professional Instructors: No "Dr. Google." All of our instructors are medical professionals who draw on professional training and real world experience to answer your questions.

  • Tons of Hands-On Training: Our training model maximizes the amount of time you spend applying and practicing your skills in our realistic, carefully designed scenarios. Professional-level casualty-simulation make-up and props create a fun, immersive experience that leave our students feeling genuinely prepared for real-world medical emergencies.

  • It's Fun! In over 4 years, we have never had a dull class. Our courses are action-packed and filled with genuinely useful information. Challenging, stimulating and occasionally bloody, I can promise you will learn tons and have a blast doing it!

If you live in a rural or remote community, then we want to hear from you!

Use the form below, or call (778) 888-5684.

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