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If your employees or members work or play in remote environments, our Canadian Red Cross Wilderness & Remote First Aid training is the best way to keep them safe. 

You've never taken a first aid course like this!

Why is Coast Wilderness Medical the most trusted wilderness medical training provider in the lower mainland? Because we offer outstanding Wilderness First Aid courses that are fun, intense & challenging, without being overwhelming. 

Our students gain the confidence and hands-on practice they need to make informed decisions and to act decisively during medical emergencies… oh, & our instructors are all experienced medical professionals whose love of wilderness medicine is second only to their love of designing gnarly, unpredictable scenarios - so the courses are tons of fun, too!

If you think your employees could benefit from Wilderness & Remote First Aid training, you can get the ball rolling by filling out the form below, or calling (778) 888-5684.  We would love to work with you!

Why Wilderness First Aid?

Here are some of the that one of our WRFA courses might be right for your company or organization:

  • Optional OFA-1 Equivalent Certification: With only minor changes to the curriculum, you can add a WorkSafeBC-recognized OFA-1 equivalent certification to your course. The training you want, with the certifications you’ve got to have!

  • Excellent Teamwork Training: We minimize lecturing in favour of TONS of hands-on scenarios, where participants work together to manage medical emergencies. You will be amazed at the strong dynamics built over a 20 hour course!

  • Custom Content: The excellent Red Cross standard curriculum has plenty of room to adapt content to topics that are relevant to you. Examples include diving emergencies, high altitude, gunshots, and extreme environments.

  • Improvised Solutions: Low-resource and alternative-resource treatment options means that our students won't ever feel like they can't help someone because they don't have the right bandage.

  • Professional Instructors: No "Dr. Google." All of our instructors are medical professionals who draw on professional training and real world experience to answer your questions.

  • Tons of Hands-On Training: Our training model maximizes time spent applying & practicing skills so our students feel more prepared. Wicked scenarios with casualty-simulation make-up & props create fun, immersive experiences you won’t forget!

  • We Travel: We’re based in BC, but our instructors travel across Canada. Best of all, we don't charge any overage on travel & accommodation costs!

  • It's Fun! In over 5 years, we’ve never had a dull class - challenging, stimulating & occasionally (pretend) bloody - I promise your group will learn tons and have a blast doing it!

Let's get the ball rolling! give us a call at (778) 888-5684, or fill out the form Below!

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